Work with our tools

  1. Direct Link
    The easiest way to make cash: One link converts all traffic automatically
  2. Device Filter Script
    Reroute chosen mobile traffic hitting your website to Brokerbabe offers.
  3. Banner Script
    Shows our best performing ads, optimised for every user.
  4. Popunder Script
    Use this powerful revenue generating tool to display an ad in a different tab.
  5. Back Button Script
    Easily monetise the traffic that is leaving your website with this script.
  6. XML
    Integrate our best ads into your APPs easily.
  7. iFrame Overlay
    Google-friendly way to directly show a portal with mobile payment.
  8. Smart Text
    Use the mobile text-ad if you want a simple link on your page.
  9. Floating Banner
    Use our sticky banners for better user engagement. will quickly become your favorite mobile affiliate program. We employ the best local products for every market and we optimize delivery by country, network, carrier, OS, device and time. We also have exclusive traffic sources and a global coverage. So whether you’re a publisher, advertiser or performance network, we have a great partnership in store for you.

If you encounter problems or have questions how to work with our tools, feel free to contact one of our affiliate managers. Click here for our managers.