Brokerbabe Tool Tutorial – Floating Banner

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Here we help you to start up with your first campaigns, and links/promo tools.

How to use the Floating Banner Script [Promo tool 7] and how to edit the settings of your link
This tool is used to show a floating banner on your pages. Floating banners usually get higher click-through rates, can be easily closed by the user and don’t affect your site design.

1: Login to your account, and click the link PROMO TOOLS
Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.18.21

2: Click on the link ADD PROMO TOOL and make sure you have your popup blocker disabled, or allow   Brokerbabe to your popup white list. You will see a popup window come up with 9 promo tools in there. Your 7th promo tool is called FLOATING BANNER, this is where we start. First give it a name in the field PROMO TOOL NAME

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 14.50.40

You can define the size you wish to use, and use our default banners or use your own banners. If you wish to use your own banners, you can upload them to your media library, and after we have approved it you will be able to use it. NOTE: All uploaded images have to be approved according the guidelines of the Mobile Carriers. Ask your affiliate manager more about this!

Press NEXT and you will have the options to edit/alter your code more. You can use the AUTO CLOSE command to have the banner close after the amount of seconds you put in. And Frequency, here you can put in a value how many times you want to show the banner per Unique Visitor. This might be handy if you have a video site with a lot of page views, you can lower the amount to 2, and when a visitor generates 10 views, he will see the banner only 2 times. On this way you do not annoy the visitor to much. This feature is good to use on a website that generates a high amount of page views per unique visitor.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 14.53.00

Copy the code after you have edited it on the way you wish, and press finish. Your Floating banner tool will appear in your promo tool menu, and you can edit it later when you wish!

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