BrokerBabe News Updates

Best Mobile Revenue Program
We are very proud to have received the award for Best Mobile Revenue Program for 2016. Our gratitude for our affiliates is endless and we are going to increase our efforts for you to make your experience with BrokerBabe a unforgettable one. Stay tuned for more news and more updates. 
New Fraud Protection Software Brokerbabe
whether you are a Mediabuyer or a Network, this concerns you. Our new fraud protection feature will save you money and hustle! We have teamed up with one of the leading fraud protection companies in the online space to provide our partners a real time overview about the risk of the traffic.

Starting from now you’ll find 3 new columns in your interface Impression, Click and Conversion Risk Score. A high value means a potential fraud.Impressions show if your ad was delivered to real users, Click Risk Score shows if you have bot traffic and Conversion risk score shows scripted subscriptions and so on. For more info you can also check the IP ranges by clicking on Unique Clicks. You now have a powerful tool to talk to your adnetwork about fraudulent clicks if you are a Mediabuyer. If you are a performance network you can see easily when affiliates send you fraudleads.